Oh the Drama….

Jeez. Well, Jury Duty is suckin, of course. I hadn’t mentioned that yet. Yeah, I got stuck. “Selected” for jury duty. It’s gonna be a long boring trial. *sigh* Too many defendants (4) with too many Lawyers (5) plus 4 for the prosecution. We are getting all sorts of objections, redirects, cross-examinations and re- redirects. yuck. More on that AFTER. Continue Reading →

A gobble of tarot readings (from a tarot group I’m in..)

This fellow (picture below) walks into your plush tarot studio and wants a professional tarot reading. He has a funny feeling something in his life isn’t as it seems and he can’t explain why he feels so peculiar this week. It’s the week before Thanksgiving. Pick a 2 card spread of your choice and give him a reading…. My reading Continue Reading →

Our Handfasting Ritual

Creating Sacred Space EAST (Disa): Guardian of the East, of Air, I summon your presence, that you may weave tightly the bonds of Heart, Spirit, and Love between these two. Let none undo the fabric of their love. SOUTH (MamaCat): Guardian of the South, of Fire, I summon your presence, that you may ignite the passion and love for this Continue Reading →