A theological discussion

tidrion: sup Em: beautiful weather!! you? tidrion: um I don’t see any storms tornados Em: no, but it’s not hot!!! ;) tidrion: how can you call that beautiful okay fair enough Em: grin Sent at 9:29 AM on Monday tidrion: hey there Em: ;) tidrion: was curious what you walked away with from that movie Em: LOL in 10 words Continue Reading →

In other news….

In other news, an update I sent to some old friends of mine last weekend: Samo Samo My son started 4th grade.. Tons of homework and he hasn’t even had a full week yet! LOL It’s gonna be an exciting year. Going to a railroad festival today. Should be fun! ;) Since I missed the Heartland Pagan Festival this year, Continue Reading →

Parental love – If I go see a shrink, will you love me again?

http://em.flinthillspagans.org/2008/09/it-is-never-too-late-to-provide-ourselves-with-what-we-need-to-awaken-this-inner-being/ I must refuse “to be beholden to someone else’s expectations” any longer. It’s time to let go and be my own adult. So, these shoes. Did I mention the shoes already? *sigh* I guess it all stemmed from the shoes. My parents bought my son shoes that lit up. A lot. He’s 9 years old, btw. So, when I saw Continue Reading →

Your Life, Simplified — From zenhabits

http://zenhabits.net/2009/08/your-life-simplified/ Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter. A lot of people seem to connect with my message of simplicity, and yearn to find a simpler life in this world of ever-increasing complexity, of overwhelming technology. We want to take the good things in our lives, the benefits of technology, but simplify things, get rid of the complexities. Continue Reading →

A great evening

Last night not one but two old friends showed up. It was Lughnasadh and although we didn’t celebrate it with a ritual, there was something culminative about this particular holiday.  Lughnasadh also known as Lammas is a harvest festival, where you reap what you have sown. You celebrate everything that you have grown. Our friendships have grown and we have Continue Reading →