And yet another FB discussion….

A question was asked on Facebook (my addiction, my world, right? LOL) What are YOU doing to tone down the rhetoric, strengthen our democracy and create a healthy future for our beautiful Earth and all her inhabitants? What horizons do you see beyond the clouds of today? I’m slowly moving everything I use to the realms of organic.. I use Continue Reading →

Law of Attraction in my life and the risk of Over helping

Well, it’s been an enlightening month, and it isn’t over yet. Now, as I wander through the recesses of my mind, I find that I doubt my original reason for opening my heart and home to my dear friend. No, I don’t regret doing it, I just doubt my reason(s) for helping, as now I believe I may have done Continue Reading →

I wanna win a Nook! ;)

Here’s what I submitted to hopefully win this contest!! :) Wish me luck!!! —– As I get older, it’s getting tougher and tougher for me to read without my glasses, and I hate wearing glasses.  I would love to own the Nook because it would allow me to read without using my glasses. Finally, the freedom to read without worrying Continue Reading →

Addicted to Approval

Hand in hand with my exploration into whether or not I am a people pleaser, is another aspect:  Addicted to Approvals. Yes, of this I have definitely been guilty. Sadly, it, more so than people pleasing, is still a part of my life. Don’t get me wrong. I can, will and have told my boss, “no, can’t be done” on Continue Reading →

People pleasing and Balance

Recently it was suggested that I cannot handle rejection. Well, we all have difficulties handling rejection, but I don’t feel I go out of my way to avoid it. If I did, wouldn’t I avoid friends all together? It was intimated that I also am solely a people pleaser.  This I had to do some research on and what I Continue Reading →

Send me a postcard in Google Kansas!!

“The mayor of Topeka Kansas has changed the city’s name to Google, Kansas ââ the capital city of fiber optics for the month of March. The mayor did it “to convince Google to make Topeka a test site for an ultrafast Internet connection.” Now, the world has a hold of the idea. Are we a laughing stock or ingenious? And Continue Reading →

The Future – A poem by Wendell Berry

The Future For God/dess’s sake, be done with this jabber of “a better world.” What blasphemy! No “futuristic” twit or child thereof ever in embodied light will see a better world than this. Do something! Go cut the weeds beside the oblivious road. Pick up the cans and bottles, old tires, and dead predictions. No future can be stuffed into Continue Reading →