25th Anniversary of the Heartland Pagan Festival

This year, my Heartland adventure started on Wednesday. (In 2007, I didn’t have time off, in 2008, I took off Friday, this year, I took Wed thru Tuesday. *grin* A day to recover!!) My son still had a half day of school and Thorik had his regular school day so I began organizing and packing while they were gone. (My Continue Reading →

Age of Kali

Age of Kali http://www.rise-of-womanhood.org/age-of-kali.html The “Age of Kali the goddess” has come upon us. This is the time for profound changes in the universe with the destruction of the stagnating structures taking place all around. This destructive phase will be followed by a fresh cycle leading to creation of new and generative structures for future growth and development. The “Age Continue Reading →