Finding your magical spirit guide by Nefer Khepri

How to Contact Your Spirit Guides by Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T. Spirit Guides. All of us have them. They are all around us if we could only perceive them. Often confused with angels, they are souls who walk amongst us who are here to help, offer guidance, comfort, and yes – even advice. Just what are these Continue Reading →

Food(s) for thought

Eating Recommendations   With the possible exception of sex, eating is the most powerful act you perform in your daily life.  Yet in our society (assuming that you are not e.g. a kosher Jew or a macrobiotic) most of us tend to trivialize this act – indeed, to feel ashamed of it (just as society has taught us to be Continue Reading →

Day 27 – The Reconciliation of Oneness

“I will, my will, Thy will. Know that your willingness is all that’s required to allow the Divine Orchestrator to reorder your life.” I already am a catalyst for change in my friends, loved one and FB “stranger”. I’m proud of this aspect of myself. (Is that ego again?) I like this quote: “Your “operating system” is undergoing an upgrade Continue Reading →