Some awesome tasting, highly nutritious chicken

When I found out that a co-worker was going to raise chickens this summer to process and sell, I jumped at the opportunity!! When I sent my inquiry, here is what I received back: Are you interested in some awesome tasting, highly nutritious chicken? This summer I’ll be raising chickens for meat processing for my family. I’ve done this a Continue Reading →

St. Paddy’s Day from NASA

This collection of AIRS images of Ireland positioned in the shape of a clover include visible (left), infrared (center) and microwave (right). They were captured from the AIRS instrument onboard NASA’s Aqua satellite on March 3, 2011 and revealed a land surface temperature near 50F (10C). Credit: NASA JPL, Ed Olsen/ Henry Kline   From the press release: Typical clovers Continue Reading →

Beyond from Conscious Co-Creating

Definitely worthy to repost, reread and share!!   Beyond Give yourself permission to lift the tariff. Release the imposed taxes you put upon yourself that say you ‘can’t’. Let go of that part that says you can’t be, say, do whatever you need to. Remove the black and white, the man-made rules that implement the hands-tied phenomenon. Remember, on a Continue Reading →