Sarah Jane Smith.

Because of you, I became a Journalist. It didn’t work out as well for me as it did for you, as the Doctor never came to take me away. I dreamed, though and I dreamed big.

Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Smith on the Planet of Evil

You were a strength in a time when women were not, or were on the edge of stepping up to do everything a man could do.… read more

Onward and Through; The Awakening of the Soul


The winter of spiritual life is upon you.  In this time you will experience a freeze on all useful activity, all plans on hold, and a drain in energy.  The chill wind is reaching you over the ice floes of old out moded habits. If you are holding on, you could be experiencing a shallowness or a sense of being out of touch with life.  Shedding, cleansing away old, brings the thaw.… read more