Choices, dimensions and our souls (revisited)

What if, since each choice we make creates a new dimension, once we accept the choice that we made, it eliminates the extra dimension and brings our soul back. After meditating today, I had this awakening: Each choice takes a part of us with it to the newly created dimension (reality) and we have “regrets” or “what if’s” that haunt Continue Reading →

How To Make A 72-Hour Emergency Backpack

Stolen from online somewhere, but good to have and good to know. Crazy world out there right now! 1    backpack – water resistant 1    canteen of water (replace periodically, to keep fresh) 1    package of water purification tablets 1    whistle 1    “Swiss Army” pocketknife 2    road flares 2    33-gallon heavy-duty plastic bags (in an emergency, these can be used for: Continue Reading →