Eating Recommendations


With the possible exception of sex, eating is the most powerful act you perform in your daily life.  Yet in our society (assuming that you are not e.g. a kosher Jew or a macrobiotic) most of us tend to trivialize this act – indeed, to feel ashamed of it (just as society has taught us to be ashamed of sex).  Every bite you take either clogs your body or gives it lightness.  Take no bite for its sweetness or pleasant flavor.  Every bit you take in must be weighed, and every word you speak must be measured.… read more

I started drinking Odwalla’s for my breakfast. (Saw that I had some weight gain from some pictures I took from the Halloween setup. I know I’m not fat, but I AM trying to be healthy. Some of the increase is from muscles and doing yoga. )

I really like my Mango Tango, but we were out today, so I drank the Blueberry B.… read more