An empath must always love themselves and be healthy before helping others

Trying to help, trying to heal, trying to guide, doing anything before you love yourself and are in a good place mentally and physically could harm you and could significantly harm the people you are trying to help. DO NOT. This is so important. I find myself repeating myself so often about this, that I’m going to make it a Continue Reading →

The Egg

Now, what I believe is close to this, especially when it comes to “past lives”, but until I read this, I hadn’t considered that we could be everyone. It opens the door for a lot of thought and really makes us consider the concept that we are all one. What are your thoughts? By: Andy Weir   You were on Continue Reading →

8 Methods of Grounding and Connecting to the Earth’s Frequencies

Adam Lanka, Contributor Waking Times The term grounding means connected to the Earth, and it is one that spans numerous different cultures, traditions, and spiritual practices. While it is associated with feelings of balance, connection, centeredness, sinking, being anchored and in the flow, I would like to explore the greater implications of what is happening every time you go outside and Continue Reading →

Survival Guide for Empaths

Stolen from Facebook. Great information and never wanted to lose it. I found the author of this survival guide and she has graciously allowed me to keep it within my blog pages. With great honor and respect, I name the original author of this work: Lamanda Brown. Website: Angel Readings Ok so you know you are an Empath, here is Continue Reading →

Day 31: Episode That Scared You The Most

Don’t Blink. Hands down, scariest episode EVER!! Even watching it over it’s still scary. The effects, the music, the fear of something that won’t move while you are looking. This was the most amazing episode ever.. On top of that, it wasn’t an episode that truly starred the Doctor. All shows have them, episodes where the main characters have a Continue Reading →

Manifesting your desires

Manifestation happens all the time. It is not something that we “start to do” when we become conscious of it, or our awareness expands. We literally do it all the time. Even “time” is an act of manifestation. Now, in the paradigm we are leaving behind, we decided to have set, solid, agreed parameters manifested and locked into place, so Continue Reading →

The Way of the Indigo Warrior

by Celia Fenn “Indigo Children” is the name given to a very special group of beings who have chosen to incarnate on our planet with a specific mission and purpose. The name “indigo Child” refers to the soul color of Indigo, which indicates a Master Soul who serves as a teacher or healer. Every Indigo Child will undertake this mission of teaching or healing in Continue Reading →