Are You a Lift or Drag Force?

By Leo Babauta In our lives, the people around us lift us up, or they drag us down. I see this in my life: my life contains many people, and I’m lucky enough to have surrounded myself with people who mostly provide lift. They inspire me, hold me accountable, find happiness for my successes, lend a hand when I need it, Continue Reading →

8 Questions to Stop Asking Bisexuals

Originally published on Everyday Feminism and re-published here with their permission. 8 Questions to Stop Asking Bisexuals June 16, 2014 by Elena Novak We like to think we’ve come a long way. We like to think that, when it comes to LGBTQIA+ rights, we’ve made leaps and bounds toward equal rights and social acceptance. And we have. But there are still subsets of the Continue Reading →