Why I Love Mercury Retrograde And Why You Could Too!

In5D May 21, 2015 Astrology   by Ines Sulj Mercury has just gone retrograde again. This time in Gemini, the sign it rules. All the planets, except Sun and Moon, go in apparent backward motion from time to time, yet the Mercury retrograde seems to be the most famous one. Almost everyone knows about it, including the people who know Continue Reading →

Primal Zodiac Sign Of Beaver

I am Beaver .. LOL It’s pretty damn accurate!! :)   Persistent, eccentric, and romantic, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Beaver are hard workers who prefer to create their own universe rather than wait for life to happen to them. Beavers usually maintain a cool exterior, and can be straightforward to the point of being blunt. Continue Reading →

My birthday horoscope! (Thanks Ruby!!)

Huge thank you to Ruby’s Readings for my birthday horoscope! :) Love you lady!!! <3 If Today is Your Birthday: April 21st The Year Ahead Forecast for April 2014 to April 2015 If You Were Born Today, April 21: You are charismatic and a leader at heart. Always aware of the impact you’re making, your gestures are often grand and Continue Reading →

From a new FB friend..

Thanks Daria   21 APRIL THE BIRTHDAY OF GRACIOUSNESS Your greatest challenge is…learning how to accept help from others The way forward is to understand that other people have just as great a need for help and support as you have; don’t deny them that opportunity. You’re drawn to people born on November 23 to December 21. You share a Continue Reading →

My astrological forecast by Ruby August 2012

What a FUN year I’m gonna have!! :) I love this!! Thanks Ruby!!! Jupiter sextile Venus: The right moves Beginning of August 2012 until beginning of April 2013: This is a very pleasant influence, although you may not feel it very strongly. But if you know it is coming, you can act in certain advantageous ways during this period. However, Continue Reading →

A solstice, full moon, eclipse decree of release and renewal

I, Kris Bethea, aka Em Twilight, do decree that the vows, covenants, contracts, oaths, promises and karmic debts issued in and around my beliefs, interred ideas and relationships with shadow attributes and archetypes no longer serve me in any dimension, any time or any space. I sever all relatedness and karma relating to these shadow attributes and archetypes. I release Continue Reading →

Autumn Picnic

Capital City Pagans had a picnic last night (Oct 2nd) It was a magical evening. Good food, good friends (new and old) and great energies. I did a tarot reading and it was powerful. I also did some drumming and there was a lot of energy from that too. Such good feelings, good people. I really need to do this Continue Reading →

My Life Path is Five

LIFE PATH 5 The key to your personality is freedom. You love travel, adventure, variety and meeting new people. You posses the curiosity of a cat, and you long to experience all of life. You love to be involved in several things at the same time, as long as you are not tied down to any one area. You like Continue Reading →