11 signs you might be a feminist

I fought it.. I fought the definition tooth and nail.. the OLD definition. Okay.. I’m now thinking i really AM a feminist… because, now I think one can be a lady AND a feminist. Yes, please. Still open doors for me, treat me like a lady, but NEVER EVER DOUBT that I am your EQUAL. It’s all about EQUALITY. Thank Continue Reading →

My experience with World Hijab Day

#IStand4Hijab #WorldHijabDay Yes, I blogged this mostly on FB, but I’m going into more detail here. One thing I want and need to share is What to do if someone is harassed or attacked for their religious beliefs / garb Hopefully I won’t experience anything like that today, but, it’s still a good thing for everyone to know what to do. Continue Reading →

This Is Why Timelines Change

by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Editor, In5D.com What are timelines and why do some predicted events come and go without the anticipated event ever happening? What is a Timeline? A timeline is a chronological point within time and space that is relevant to this planet. For example, a list of inventions in chronological order since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution Continue Reading →

Why it’s not a failure when you can’t help someone rise from negativity

This has been a concern for such a long time for me. I know what makes me happy, I know how to do things that make me happy. I know the things that raise my vibrations. I know how to raise my vibrations. I know how to successfully use the Law of Attraction. I know how to meditate and release Continue Reading →

Choices, dimensions and our souls (revisited)

What if, since each choice we make creates a new dimension, once we accept the choice that we made, it eliminates the extra dimension and brings our soul back. After meditating today, I had this awakening: Each choice takes a part of us with it to the newly created dimension (reality) and we have “regrets” or “what if’s” that haunt Continue Reading →

9 Questions That Stump Every Pro-Vaccine Advocate and Their Claims

by PreventDisease Since the flu pandemic was declared, there have been several so-called ‘vaccine experts’ coming out of the wood work attempting to justify the effectiveness of vaccines. All of them parrot the same ridiculous historical and pseudoscientific perspectives of vaccinations which are easily squelched with the following 9 questions. Claim: The study of vaccines, their historical record of achievements, Continue Reading →

Dimensions, timelines, choices and souls

Dimensions, timelines, choices and souls Current mood: contemplative Category: Religion and Philosophy What if.. Each of our decisions produces a new dimension where our new self follows a different path. There would be an infinite number of decisions and an infinite number of paths. These paths would be continued until the very last person “died”. Now, there are some theories Continue Reading →

My thoughts on the Summerlands… (because of a question from a new friend)

Okay… I believe that a “soul” has choices when the physical body needs to rest. The soul progresses through many lifetimes to learn things. To experience things. Yes. I believe in reincarnation. I believe that the soul chooses the life they lead. Rather like a job description… When in the pure state of the soul, they know what they need Continue Reading →