My presentation at Interfaith of Topeka

At the June 27th Interfaith of Topeka meeting, Kris Bethea shared her insights into the pagan beliefs. Mostly she explained her own personal beliefs and the path that she took to reach where she is today. “To me, one’s beliefs are extremely personal. They are a lifetime of experiences, decisions, moments, and emotions. To share my beliefs, I must share Continue Reading →

World Hijab Day 2017

World Hijab Day (WHD) is an annual event in its fifth year. On February 1st of every year, WHD asks global citizens of all faiths to observe Hijab (head-covering) for a day in solidarity with Muslim women worldwide. The overall mission of WHD is to create a more peaceful world where global citizens respect each other. Particularly, WHD focuses on Continue Reading →

This Is Why Timelines Change

by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Editor, What are timelines and why do some predicted events come and go without the anticipated event ever happening? What is a Timeline? A timeline is a chronological point within time and space that is relevant to this planet. For example, a list of inventions in chronological order since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution Continue Reading →

We Were Made for Times like These

(Letter written in 2003. Interesting how pertinent it has been and really IS right now today!) Do Not Lose Heart: A Letter To A Young Activist During Troubled Times by Clarissa Pinkola Estés • Colorado Mis estimados: Do not lose heart. We were made for these times. I have heard from so many recently who are deeply and properly bewildered. Continue Reading →

Who Am I in the empath community

Here’s my bio that I’m writing up to be a guest on a internet talk show   Kris Bethea is a life-long empath who has experienced a wide-variety of life. Adopted from birth, she struggled as a child and as a teenage empath (who didn’t know what it meant to be an empath) she was shunned from the “in” group Continue Reading →

The Egg

Now, what I believe is close to this, especially when it comes to “past lives”, but until I read this, I hadn’t considered that we could be everyone. It opens the door for a lot of thought and really makes us consider the concept that we are all one. What are your thoughts? By: Andy Weir   You were on Continue Reading →

A theological discussion

tidrion: sup Em: beautiful weather!! you? tidrion: um I don’t see any storms tornados Em: no, but it’s not hot!!! ;) tidrion: how can you call that beautiful okay fair enough Em: grin Sent at 9:29 AM on Monday tidrion: hey there Em: ;) tidrion: was curious what you walked away with from that movie Em: LOL in 10 words Continue Reading →