How To Know If You’re An Indigo, Crystal Or Rainbow Child

There’s a lot of discussion surrounding the ideas of what a ‘Star Child’ is. Are you one of them? If you’re reading this or have an interest in the world’s collective evolution, then you probably are! These titles or categories of ‘Star People’ hold a different meaning to each person. To me, this essentially means your purpose in life is Continue Reading →

The Way of the Indigo Warrior

by Celia Fenn “Indigo Children” is the name given to a very special group of beings who have chosen to incarnate on our planet with a specific mission and purpose. The name “indigo Child” refers to the soul color of Indigo, which indicates a Master Soul who serves as a teacher or healer. Every Indigo Child will undertake this mission of teaching or healing in Continue Reading →

Starseeds, Walk-Ins and Lightworkers

Starseeds Not everyone on earth is from earth. There are those who are here from other planets and civilizations in this and other universes. And though they walk around in human bodies, in truth many have forms that are not human. Many starseeds feel that this is true, but they don’t have information available to them to confirm it. Many are drawn Continue Reading →