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After some pondering and ciphering I’ve decided to make the final delivery spot the back parking lot.

Again, depending on your situation, coolers are probably a good thing to bring.

As were closer to ‘cooking’ time, I wanted to address a couple of things about pastured chickens and what to expect. I know many of you are familiar with how they’ll be but if you’ve never cooked/tasted one before, it’s different from what you’ve been conditioned to accept by commercially processed/raised birds.… read more

Processing day for your broilers is 2 weeks away. Things have gone smoothly as of late out on the pasture (but we need some rain!). Once you get into a habit of taking care of the birds and get all of the little bugs worked out, it goes fairly quickly and you actually have more time to enjoy watching the birds rather than just working them.… read more

This is a continuation of the original post A Tale of Two Chickens
It’s been fascinating hearing about the chickens and how they are doing, prior to eating them … soon..

Here’s what I received about them today!

I’ve been itching to get the chicks out of the brooders and onto the pasture.  Last week I put the finishing touches on the portable pens that they’ll be living in over the next 5 weeks.  My initial plan (and the typical way of handling them) would have been to have them on the pasture last Friday.  But who knew that the temps were going to fall into the 40s at night.  The chicks are still too young to handle those temperatures.  But the temperature range that they can handle adjusts dramatically as each day goes by.  Literally, they’re able to handle a 8-10 degree difference from one day to the next.  Example:  at 17 days, they can handle 48 degrees.  At 19, 40 degrees.read more

I have ordered two chickens, that I will receive sometime this summer. The gentleman whom I am purchasing these chickens are updating us on their story.

Here is our first update:

I told you I’d keep you updated on my chicken venture and I’m finally getting around to doing so.

The chicks arrived on Friday!  As I was loading them into my homemade brooders I noticed that they were all yellow colored chicks.  That didn’t seem right since I also ordered 25 new egg laying chicks also and I know there should have been some black, some red and some brown chicks also.  Ended up that the hatchery sent me 25 extra broilers rather than the layers.  No biggie.  I’ve got room in the freezer.  And I’m guessing some customers will be looking to reorder!… read more