Memorial for Unborn Children

“Dust in the Wind” Memorial for Unborn Children Items needed: White candle Flowers A stone to represent the life lost A pot, or jar with a lid, containing earth Cleansing Creature of fire and creature of air, take this circle into your care. Creature of water and creature of earth, hold us, protect us, grant us rebirth. Cast the Circle Continue Reading →

New Moon ritual – Kali Revisited

Did a new moon ritual last night. It was nice. It was kinda like this one.. but the key to my ritual was this phrase “I accept these things into my life now or something better for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.” and I wrote them down during the ritual, it was beautiful. Continue Reading →

My Kali ritual tonight for the New Moon

My Welcoming to Kali Ritual CALLING THE QUARTERS [Facing East] In the East I call Ushas, Goddess of the Dawn, to begin this new cycle and help us see through our illusions and seek the truth. [Facing South] In the South I call Parvati, to bring us the fires of purification so we may be cleansed. [Facing West] In the Continue Reading →

A soulmate..

I impulsively stopped by Crystal Window yesterday. LOL The idea came out of no where as I was driving past. (No, I didn’t cause an accident, thank goodness, ;) Angela was working.. and we started talking as we always do… I don’t know how it came about, but we started talking about boyfriends and “soulmates”. She told me about a Continue Reading →

Full moon ritual of thanks! I got the job!

Full moon last night. It was a beautiful night. Interestingly, the sky was cloudy, but when I went outside before I started my full moon ritual, the clouds seemed to part and the gorgeous moon shone through. I truly believe the Goddess was happy to see me again, and was confirming my presence and my love. The flashes of lightning Continue Reading →

Interview and things getting better

Things are much much better. On Tuesday afternoon, I got called in for an interview for Wednesday morning. After talking to some friends online, I decided a nice, relaxing bath was in order. (Thanks Colin). I decided to go all out. I gathered incense, candles, poured some amoretto (didn’t have any wine in the house), my atheme, and my Book Continue Reading →