Why You Will Never Be The Same After Living in Germany

Stolen for my own purposes March 30, 2015 by California Globetrotter 1. No Beer Festival Will Ever Compare Admit it, Germans know how to do Beer festivals better than anyone else in the world! After going to Oktoberfest or any other beer festival in Germany, all others will seem boring compared to that time you went to Dult! 2. Schloss Continue Reading →

Leap Day, Leap Year ain’t what they used to be

By Barbara Rimkunas Posted Feb. 25, 2016 at 4:34 PM At Exeter’s Leap Year party in 1892, held at the Town Hall, “the brilliantly lighted hall was beautiful with elaborate decorations of flags, streamers and palms. At 8 o’clock Edney’s orchestra of Haverhill, 12 pieces, began a delightful concert of six numbers. Dancing immediately began, and continued until one, when Continue Reading →

Elevate your union (Yes, I’m talking sex)

By Channa Serenity SEX. Often times a taboo topic, However, It’s a big part of life; it CREATES life for crying out loud. Sex in its purest form is perfectly natural and beautiful. Pleasure should be celebrated by every woman on a frequent basis. Pleasure is a very powerful tool in experiencing a joy-filled life. Yet, 33 to 50 % Continue Reading →

Aspen will be 100% powered by renewable energy by the end of 2015

Aspen, Colorado, the gentle and chilly tourist hub renowned for its ski slopes, is now the third city in the United States to consider itself fully powered by renewable resources.  As Go 100% Renewable Energy reports, the city will be running on 100% sustainable energy after 2015, an 84% increase from 2014. Aspen presently draws most of its energy from Continue Reading →

Propaganda and Islam: What you’re not Being Told

by Justin King The western media wonderfully paints Islam as a death cult bent on world domination. Over and over again the American populace is shown footage of the atrocities committed by fanatics or of Arab men burning American flags. The problem, of course, is that this isn’t remotely representative of the Islamic population of the world. Are there Muslims Continue Reading →

25 Struggles Only ENFPs Will Understand

 My thoughts on how this relates to me as an ENFP in purple below! by Heidi Priebe ENFPs are passion-driven ‘ideas’ people. They gain energy from interacting with the world around them, and become quickly excited over new possibilities. Though ENFPs loves being around people, they crave alone time much more than the average extrovert. ENFPs search for a deeper Continue Reading →

Free Will vs. Cultural Programming: The Matrix Loses

Daikan Basho, Contributing Writer Waking Times Human beings are curious creatures in that they have a most unusual capacity for free will, yet, are so easily manipulated, controlled, and subjugated by other people. Quite a paradox. The deciding factor between which of these two inherent states one occupies, mental freedom or mental slavery, often has to do with how fully one Continue Reading →

Can meditation really slow aging?

Is there real science in the spiritualism of meditation? Jo Marchant meets a Nobel Prize-winner who thinks so. 1 July 2014 It’s seven in the morning on the beach in Santa Monica, California. The low sun glints off the waves and the clouds are still golden from the dawn. The view stretches out over thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean. Continue Reading →

Geek romance

The 10 reasons that geeks make the best mates by Maria McManus 1. Geeks make rational decisions, which makes their commitments rock solid. Don’t think that sounds romantic? Think again. Commitment is a fundamental condition for intimacy and lasting love. If you think that love is that yearning clutching panicky desire, then you have not been burned by it. I have Continue Reading →

Safest Cities in Kansas (Ellsworth made the list!!!)

Ellsworth It’s not uncommon to see a cattle drive going straight through the town of Ellsworth. This former frontier town takes the struggle and sacrifices of its pioneering founders to heart, honoring their rich traditions with the annual Cowtown Days celebration. But this proud city does more than put on a great party to acknowledge its history. Ellsworth is currently Continue Reading →