Family time finally

Almost September. Where in the world does time go? I got to see my family today. I even finally got to meet my brother’s girlfriend. She seems really nice. Work is going well. I enjoy it most of the time… I need to put together a professional portfolio for evaluations time. We are starting an SCA household. I’ll prally be Continue Reading →

Easter over, snowing again, radiator hose broken

Well, the Christian holiday is over. I guess I was not meant to visit my family since the radiator hose on my vehicle broke as we were cruising down the interstate. *sigh* Took my baby in for a 9 month checkup and he has an ear infection. We get to go back in 10 days. Poor little guy. His weight Continue Reading →

Six month old son and changes

My goddess, where has time gone? My newborn baby keeps me hoppin’ at all hours… hmmm he is over six months old already. Wow! :) But, now, I am back! Well, mostly. I’m back in the good ole US of A. Back in the land of twentyfour hour grocery stores and Wal-Mart! BUT, after moving, and finally getting a home, Continue Reading →

Kevin Loric has arrived

Kevin Loric has arrived! We survived premature labor, total bed rest, and other worrisome things, but now, thank the goddess, little Kevin has arrived safely! During the past few months, I was unable to have any rituals, yet I always remembered each holiday and full moon. I may not have truly been able to celebrate, but I believe that the Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day 2k

Tiz Valentine’s Day… What a lonely day to be without my dear husband. I am comforted by this wonderful child within me, so even though my husband is far away, I have a part of him with me. What a wonderful feeling! Imbolc was a very special evening for me. I had read somewhere about using white candles and white Continue Reading →

Official pregnancy announcement

21 January 2000 This morning is a full moon with an eclipse. So much has happened since I last entered anything to this journal. First and foremost, I’m pregnant! This has kept me tired and lazy quite a bit of the time. I have had two recent losses, so I simply spend my time trying to take care of myself Continue Reading →