Interview and things getting better

Things are much much better. On Tuesday afternoon, I got called in for an interview for Wednesday morning. After talking to some friends online, I decided a nice, relaxing bath was in order. (Thanks Colin). I decided to go all out. I gathered incense, candles, poured some amoretto (didn’t have any wine in the house), my atheme, and my Book Continue Reading →

Computer died

My computer died last Wednesday. I’m not being neglectful,I’m just going through withdrawal. I have borrowed a laptop, but currently, I am unable to connect to the internet… *sigh* Who knows when things will get back to normal…. Monday, my son was extremely fussy. I couldn’t understand it. He just finished taking his antibiotics, so I didn’t think it would Continue Reading →

Nanny leaves, need child care, tarot reading and imbolc

Things have gotten interesting since I wrote here last. I’ve lost my baby’s nanny. She is my niece. She is only eighteen years old, and being tied down to a child is tough for anyone at any age. She tried to find a night job, but there really wasn’t anything out there. So, now she is moving back to the Continue Reading →

Neighbor’s house and discipline issues

Well, since the last time I wrote here, my neighbor’s house burnt down… all was lost. That which was not burned, was destroyed by smoke or water. Also, I still have not found my BOS. I haven’t really had time this week to look, but I’ve gone thru at least 5 boxes, and still no sign of it. I’m trying Continue Reading →

Six month old son and changes

My goddess, where has time gone? My newborn baby keeps me hoppin’ at all hours… hmmm he is over six months old already. Wow! :) But, now, I am back! Well, mostly. I’m back in the good ole US of A. Back in the land of twentyfour hour grocery stores and Wal-Mart! BUT, after moving, and finally getting a home, Continue Reading →