Guest blogger and insights into having a Narcissistic Parent

original blog by Jaime Grace Do you feel trapped when dealing with a narcissistic parent? Is it like your mind is blocked and you don’t know what to do? The first thing you have to remember is that you are not a victim of the circumstances. You have power and free will do set in motion the next stage of Continue Reading →

Quan Yin and me – the beginnings

Everything happens in its own time. Boy do I believe that. A little less than 7 years ago, I had my portrait painted by Intuitive Portraits by Michelle Mauler It was gorgeous and spoke to me in so many ways.. but one way I was confused. Quan Yin was part of the art… and I was unfamiliar with her. I Continue Reading →

How to make friends

For those of us who are friend-challenged.. Empaths and introverts do have difficulties sometimes. This guide will help! *huggles* BY LEO BABAUTA I’m writing this guide for my kids as they grow up and go out into the world — but it’s for anyone who wants to connect with others. I’m writing it for my teenage self, who was shy Continue Reading →

Making mistakes on your spiritual path – especially as an empath

6 Mistakes I’ve Made on the Spiritual Path by Tom Stine My thoughts are in purple Yes, I know, there are no mistakes on the spiritual journey. There can’t be, if you think about it. The spiritual journey is, to a certain extent, a process of learning. And don’t we almost always learn best from what we often see as Continue Reading →

Confusing HSPs with empaths again

Here are 22 empath traits that might suggest you are a highly sensitive person: (original article here: My thoughts are in purple 1. People point it out You’ve been told all your life you are too sensitive, overly emotional, or wear your heart on your sleeve. People tell you that you pick up on cues or feelings they don’t even Continue Reading →

The difference between co-dependency and being an empath

Some people are struggling with the quiz I shared recently. Yes, there are similarities between being an empath and being co-dependent. In this blog, I’m going to address the differences. Codependency Self-Test These are my thoughts in regards to the questions from the test that can be found here ( ) with the numeric results in the answers. 1. I am Continue Reading →

Are you a co-dependent empath?

Codependency Self-Test Indicate your agreement or disagreement with the following statements: 1. I am in a significant relationship with someone who is addicted to a substance or a behavior, someone who is depressed, or someone who is very needy. Yes___ No___ 2. I often feel the weight of responsibility for others’ happiness and well being. Yes___ No___ 3. I can’t Continue Reading →

Why would you hate being an empath?

Why? Why would you hate your empath gift? I know. When you realize what you are and have suffered for oh, so long, your entire life perhaps, yes… it’s easy to have learned to hate it. But you’re here now, you’re on this page. Reading my blog. I am a life-long empath. I’ve gone through something similar and I made Continue Reading →

Empath Commandments

An Empath’s Commandments (stolen and adapted) 1) People are NOT your pet projects for you to fix. 2) You are NOT an ’emotional mechanic’. 3) Just because you are emotionally fine-tuned (as most empaths are) does not automatically obligate you to intervene. 4) How others choose to live their life is not your call. 5) Everybody handles trauma / distress Continue Reading →

“Protection for Empaths” – Psychic Access Talk Radio

Don’t miss this week’s show, anchored by Carmen Miro, themed “Protection for Empaths” with special guest Kris Bethea, Empath, IT Professional and mother. Kris Bethea is a natural born Empath.  Often times she thought she was different or that something was wrong with her. She always was able to identify and recognize another person’s feelings, even wordlessly, even from Continue Reading →