the SO deadline

Well. Life has gotten exciting again. Once again, decisions are being made and various posibilities come available… and doors may be getting shut. Yes, I am talking my SO situation again. xmas the deadline, has passed. The lady refuses to invite me back, but she just said I needed to state my intent to return. Therefore I did. And I Continue Reading →

Something’s wrong

I can’t concentrate. Something feels “wrong” somewhere. I don’t know if it is PMS or something real. I hate this feeling. I got homework to do. I have no way to concentrate. Even tried smoking. That didn’t help. Shaky, tired, yet not tired, worried, but no idea about what. And my head hurts. (Prally the PMS). Anxiety attack? Perhaps. Still Continue Reading →

Why does it hurt. Why do lies hurt so much

Why is it, why does it hurt? Why is it that it kills me when someone tells me one thing, but ends up doing something else… He specifically said that he was planning on spending the day.. didn’t want to interrupt “our” weekend, and now, she’s coming after all. Prally gonna keep him most of the afternoon. Who knows. Why Continue Reading →