How to make friends

For those of us who are friend-challenged.. Empaths and introverts do have difficulties sometimes. This guide will help! *huggles* BY LEO BABAUTA I’m writing this guide for my kids as they grow up and go out into the world — but it’s for anyone who wants to connect with others. I’m writing it for my teenage self, who was shy Continue Reading →

Autumn Picnic

Capital City Pagans had a picnic last night (Oct 2nd) It was a magical evening. Good food, good friends (new and old) and great energies. I did a tarot reading and it was powerful. I also did some drumming and there was a lot of energy from that too. Such good feelings, good people. I really need to do this Continue Reading →

In other news….

In other news, an update I sent to some old friends of mine last weekend: Samo Samo My son started 4th grade.. Tons of homework and he hasn’t even had a full week yet! LOL It’s gonna be an exciting year. Going to a railroad festival today. Should be fun! ;) Since I missed the Heartland Pagan Festival this year, Continue Reading →

A new yahoo group, already filled with darkness

One day, I tell her she is like a daughter to me. The next day, I destroy her boyfriend. No, I am not a nice person… I started a group for pagans in my area in Yahoo Groups. I did this so that we could discuss things and maybe have gatherings. And I wanted this to be a mature group Continue Reading →