The Relief of Considering Life a Journey Not a Test

© 1994 Michele Toomey, PhD It is a mistake to approach life as if it were a test, yet that is what most of us do. We have been taught to think of life as a test, and unfortunately, that is one lesson we usually learn. Everything we do becomes some measure of our worth and proving ourselves becomes our Continue Reading →

How an online quiz proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m obsessed with Doctor Who

So, there I was… minding my own business.. perusing Facebook… watching some Doctor Who (seriously, what did you expect) and I found this quiz.. Quizes are fun..  This title (and link) is: This 5 Minute Test Will Reveal Your Innermost Thoughts Now.. I will share my results… starting with the question and then an image representing the first thing (I Continue Reading →


Quitting smoking, again. DT is gone, the evil project manager from hell. Washer and Drier replaced. Hubby is switching to e-cigs. Yeah, think I can do this! My son is thrilled! Oh? DT gone? I didn’t mention that? Shame on me. Yeah. He left back in August. It wasn’t “official” till much later and still prally shouldn’t say much… but, Continue Reading →

Time Heals all Wounds ~ By Summer Rose

Time Heals All Wounds by Summer Rose I can see her now; she’s sitting with her knees tucked under her, her flowered dress covering most of her tiny legs. She’s barefoot in the green grass, and as I walk quietly closer, I can see that she’s combing her fingers through the stalks. Probably looking for a four-leaf clover. She’s seven Continue Reading →

Age of Kali

Age of Kali The “Age of Kali the goddess” has come upon us. This is the time for profound changes in the universe with the destruction of the stagnating structures taking place all around. This destructive phase will be followed by a fresh cycle leading to creation of new and generative structures for future growth and development. The “Age Continue Reading →

In other news….

In other news, an update I sent to some old friends of mine last weekend: Samo Samo My son started 4th grade.. Tons of homework and he hasn’t even had a full week yet! LOL It’s gonna be an exciting year. Going to a railroad festival today. Should be fun! ;) Since I missed the Heartland Pagan Festival this year, Continue Reading →

Parental love – If I go see a shrink, will you love me again? I must refuse “to be beholden to someone else’s expectations” any longer. It’s time to let go and be my own adult. So, these shoes. Did I mention the shoes already? *sigh* I guess it all stemmed from the shoes. My parents bought my son shoes that lit up. A lot. He’s 9 years old, btw. So, when I saw Continue Reading →

Your Life, Simplified — From zenhabits Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter. A lot of people seem to connect with my message of simplicity, and yearn to find a simpler life in this world of ever-increasing complexity, of overwhelming technology. We want to take the good things in our lives, the benefits of technology, but simplify things, get rid of the complexities. Continue Reading →

Wow! Can’t believe someone would do that!

I just got chased through parts of Topeka by a madman throwing.. food.. I think? something with mayonnaise? Really gross.. Really scary!! Turned off before I reached the police station, dammit and didn’t get a tag number. :( Honestly, I’m still shaking. I merged into his lane and then he turned stopped to turn, I was a bit close, but Continue Reading →