New Moon ritual – Kali Revisited

Did a new moon ritual last night. It was nice. It was kinda like this one.. but the key to my ritual was this phrase “I accept these things into my life now or something better for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.” and I wrote them down during the ritual, it was beautiful. Continue Reading →

An Encounter With the Infinite

LIGHT IS ALIVE An Encounter With the Infinite I couldn’t sleep so I decided to take a walk in the desert. There was a new moon that night, and I could see millions of stars in the sky. I was alone in the middle of the desert, perceiving so much beauty. I saw eternity, the endless, the infinite in those Continue Reading →

This is one of the most delightful things I have ever created…

Experiencing Nature By Night Moon Gardens In the height of summertime’s heat, we drift outdoors at dusk to refresh ourselves in the temperate air of evening. Cricket song and the glow of fireflies come together with ever-lengthening shadows to create a natural symphony of overlapping sensations that invigorate the body and gladden the soul. As the sun sets, the vivid Continue Reading →

Full moon ritual of thanks! I got the job!

Full moon last night. It was a beautiful night. Interestingly, the sky was cloudy, but when I went outside before I started my full moon ritual, the clouds seemed to part and the gorgeous moon shone through. I truly believe the Goddess was happy to see me again, and was confirming my presence and my love. The flashes of lightning Continue Reading →

Back Online

I’m finally back online!!! Yippee!! Things should be smoother and more regular here again.. at least that is my plan!! Full moon this weekend…. also an SCA demo….. I will have a chance for moon gazing, but not really sure what else…. *sigh* More later! Blessed Be!

Full moon ritual

A beautiful full moon tonight. I just finished my first “real” ritual in many many moons. I feel so good. I feel so fulfilled. I gazed at the moon, in Her beauty this evening. Magnificent. Everything was just perfect (except the timing of the train… sucks sometimes living so near a train track! I just meditated till it left, then Continue Reading →

Nanny leaves, need child care, tarot reading and imbolc

Things have gotten interesting since I wrote here last. I’ve lost my baby’s nanny. She is my niece. She is only eighteen years old, and being tied down to a child is tough for anyone at any age. She tried to find a night job, but there really wasn’t anything out there. So, now she is moving back to the Continue Reading →