Journalism and yearbook fun

Check out this page!! :) Judge orders God to Break up into smaller Deities Well, things at school are going pretty good. Monday, I am holding a Quill and Scroll Journalism award and initiation ceremony. I’m not even completely ready yet. I still need to make the programs, etc. I hope it goes smoothly, but we missed 2 days of Continue Reading →

Feeling yucky, hope my baby is okay

This weekend has been yucky. At least I’ve been feeling yucky. I hope my baby is okay. Divine Mother Mother Divine Protect this child This child of thine (mine) Please? I guess if it is meant to be, it will happen. My hubby has been a butthead, or maybe it’s just me. Prally just me. I’m overridden with hormones. And Continue Reading →

Odds and Ends – including Dave Thomas

Odds and ends. Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s died this morning. Tuesday January 8 1:35 PM ET Wendy’s Founder Dave Thomas Dies of Cancer A young man found me using The Witches Voice I look forward to conversations with him. He is in a lonely part of Kansas. heh, okay, so what part of Kansas isn’t lonely? Oh well. It Continue Reading →

Mom’s surgery

Well, after Valentine’s Day, things got a little crazy. My husband’s Mother needed to have surgery, and my husband was allowed to go back to the states on emergency leave. So, after a three month separation, I was re-united with my husband for two weeks. My Mother-In-Law survived the surgery, and is doing fine, thank you Goddess. I feel that Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day 2k

Tiz Valentine’s Day… What a lonely day to be without my dear husband. I am comforted by this wonderful child within me, so even though my husband is far away, I have a part of him with me. What a wonderful feeling! Imbolc was a very special evening for me. I had read somewhere about using white candles and white Continue Reading →

Official pregnancy announcement

21 January 2000 This morning is a full moon with an eclipse. So much has happened since I last entered anything to this journal. First and foremost, I’m pregnant! This has kept me tired and lazy quite a bit of the time. I have had two recent losses, so I simply spend my time trying to take care of myself Continue Reading →