2012 – a buncha FB thoughts

My friend John’s status: I am 100% sure that “something” will happen in 2012. For those of us who have been watching the situation for years and years, the movie came out and really portrays it in a very superficial way, thereby creating an atmosphere of ridicule towards those with a deeper understanding and a sense of fear amongst the Continue Reading →

Today I found out I was as bad as the rest

Although she says she forgives me… As bad as the rest.. and perhaps, maybe, because I know/knew what they did to me, I was probably worse.. because I knew the pain… And although I have blocked much of my childhood (including college) from my memories, I know that I was not always a nice person. No excuses…  my class was Continue Reading →

Does this sound like a child with ADHD? (requiring medication?)

From my parents: Your son is on task in the classroom about 72% of the time. This means that he is more focused this year, is getting his assignments done at school, is not bothering classmates, etc. He is doing well, staying in line when the class moves in the hall, is eating fairly well at lunch, only one minor Continue Reading →

the SO deadline

Well. Life has gotten exciting again. Once again, decisions are being made and various posibilities come available… and doors may be getting shut. Yes, I am talking my SO situation again. xmas the deadline, has passed. The lady refuses to invite me back, but she just said I needed to state my intent to return. Therefore I did. And I Continue Reading →

Busy School days… Finished Beowulf!

School is keeping me really busy. We just finished Beowulf and a couple other stories from that time period, and on Tuesday my students will be taking their first test. It will be a completely essay test, but they are allowed to bring an outline. I do not know if they are stressing about it or not. I guess we Continue Reading →

First week of school and lovin it!

First week of school, and I LOVE it! Things are going so well, it is amazing! I cannot believe how well it is going. (Does that mean something is going to go wrong later, *knock on wood* I hope not!!) First day with one group of students was a toughie, but I called them in for a private meeting, assigned Continue Reading →

What if I can’t really teach? What if they don’t like how I teach?

I’m starting to get scared. What if I can’t really teach? What if the administration do not like how I teach? All kinds of crazy thoughts are running through my head. *sigh* It’s just not fair. I love to teach, I know I usually do a good job, but now that school starts in three days I sadly start to Continue Reading →