Today, we went shopping for my son’s Engineering Conference in Houston. The dress code included a suit jacket / blazer, dress pants, shirt, tie, and then business casual pants, shorts and shirts.
Shoes were also a necessity (and a belt as well).

It was almost like Pretty Woman, because I figured we should shop at JC Penney’s, but there was no one who came forward to help us..… read more

2016 has been a year of hell.
This blog is going to be rambling. It’s going to go back and forth in the time line and might be confusing. But this is why I didn’t go to Heartland Pagan Festival. First one I’ve missed since we didn’t have the money a few years back.Together Forever

Around 1600 on 7 April 2016, my parents were in a car accident.… read more

My poor son, 13 years old and is getting over Whooping Cough.

His “cold” started during Spring Break. We think he might have picked up the infection during his trip to sea camp. (End of Feb / Beginning of March)

Looking back, he had moments of yuckiness over Spring Break (and I wonder if the all-night lock-in allowed the bug to truly catch up with him).… read more