An afternoon with my son

Today, we went shopping for my son’s Engineering Conference in Houston. The dress code included a suit jacket / blazer, dress pants, shirt, tie, and then business casual pants, shorts and shirts. Shoes were also a necessity (and a belt as well). It was almost like Pretty Woman, because I figured we should shop at JC Penney’s, but there was Continue Reading →

Why we didn’t make it out to HPF 2016

2016 has been a year of hell. This blog is going to be rambling. It’s going to go back and forth in the time line and might be confusing. But this is why I didn’t go to Heartland Pagan Festival. First one I’ve missed since we didn’t have the money a few years back. Around 1600 on 7 April 2016, Continue Reading →

National History Day – An experience to remember

Press Release Kevin Bethea, grandson of Ron and Marlene Montgomery, earned second place in the State Kansas History Day competition held last month. He, and another student, Tyler Swaffar, paired up and created a web page that one first place at regional’s and earned a spot to go to the National History Day competition, which is held in June. Kevin’s Continue Reading →


Quitting smoking, again. DT is gone, the evil project manager from hell. Washer and Drier replaced. Hubby is switching to e-cigs. Yeah, think I can do this! My son is thrilled! Oh? DT gone? I didn’t mention that? Shame on me. Yeah. He left back in August. It wasn’t “official” till much later and still prally shouldn’t say much… but, Continue Reading →

My weekend

Went to the Psychic fair… Had a coupla freebees… (Universe trying to tell me something? LOL and *sigh*) so, a tarot reading, My “awakening” about my mom may or may not be true. (And she said likely it is…) BUT it won’t change who she is.. she STILL will not get beyond the judgmental, attitude wall she’s created. I’m not Continue Reading →

My mother is a b(w)itch ….

What if, my mom, the my nemesis, the anti-me, the person who always didn’t believe in me, didn’t like my choice of friends, didn’t like my goals in life, didn’t really like anything except my 2nd husband, Michael, and, of course, my son, what if she is / was a natural witch… and didn’t even know it. Some of you Continue Reading →

My parents again – As I sink down under the waves of financial depression, I know that I am still standing

Ya know, I’ve done great, no cash from my parents since around x-mas, and that cash was only $50 to help pay for x-mas dinner which I invited them and the entire family to attend because they refused to allow Thorik and I to attend the one at their house. Dinner cost me over $200, but did I say a Continue Reading →

Addicted to Approval

Hand in hand with my exploration into whether or not I am a people pleaser, is another aspect:  Addicted to Approvals. Yes, of this I have definitely been guilty. Sadly, it, more so than people pleasing, is still a part of my life. Don’t get me wrong. I can, will and have told my boss, “no, can’t be done” on Continue Reading →