Turned in my resignation

I turned in my resignation yesterday. Nobody in administration has said anything to me yet, but most of the teachers know. And many of the students know. I didn’t know of any reason not to tell them. I mean, school prepares them for life, right? Well, welcome to life and shitty people who dump all over you. Okay, I didn’t Continue Reading →

What do I want?

What do I want? What a fun question. I guess we ask this of ourselves off and on through out life. Well, if we don’t then there is something wrong and we are not growing as humans. What do I want? Right now, I want a job that I can feel confident in. One that I enjoy and don’t have Continue Reading →

Dark times, really dark

It’s always darkest before the dawn.. or something like that, right? Well, it is pretty dark now. Really dark. Somewhere, there should be a light, isn’t that how it goes? Life sucks. Life is a bitch and then you die. Life was great. I thought things were going really great. (Except for my miscarriage) but not only is life not Continue Reading →

Healing from writing, I’m not pregnant after all, a sac but no baby *cries*

I have always found healing in writing. Okay, well, I haven’t ALWAYS found it, but once I did, I have always used it. On Feb 6, I found out I was not really pregnant after all. Pregnant, yes, or so my body thought. But there was no baby. Just a sac. No baby. Again. I was doing fine. I don’t Continue Reading →

Journalism and yearbook fun

Check out this page!! :) Judge orders God to Break up into smaller Deities Well, things at school are going pretty good. Monday, I am holding a Quill and Scroll Journalism award and initiation ceremony. I’m not even completely ready yet. I still need to make the programs, etc. I hope it goes smoothly, but we missed 2 days of Continue Reading →

My college prep class too hard?

Today, I am going to vent. Two students from my College Prep class came to see me after school. They told me that I am expecting too much from them and that I should give them time in class to get their work done!! (ha! How college like is that? :) We are reading Macbeth. I have created fairly good Continue Reading →

First week of school and lovin it!

First week of school, and I LOVE it! Things are going so well, it is amazing! I cannot believe how well it is going. (Does that mean something is going to go wrong later, *knock on wood* I hope not!!) First day with one group of students was a toughie, but I called them in for a private meeting, assigned Continue Reading →