• Empath,  Politics

    Why Empaths Need to Step Away From Political Drama

    by Jan Erickson Empaths can have the most fluid of boundaries given how we experience energy surrounding us. Empaths feel in to know more about what’s going on when they sense something doesn’t feel quite right. We have plenty of that now with all the chaos surrounding the new guy who took office. Lots of fear and worry to contend with and it can be exhausting for anyone to deal with, let alone someone who is empathic. In my recent book, Empath, I discuss all of this from my own perspective:   An empath doesn’t simply see others, we experience them. We experience their energy, moods, thoughts, body language, words, tone, their eye contact…

  • Ritual

    Witches Balls

    Home Protection Witches love to hang little bells from their doorknobs to scare away unwanted spirits. Usually they enchant them with spells. You can hang three little bells from your doorknob and chant three times the following spell. Guard my home, Bells on the Door, Let only blessings walk on this Floor, Block all evil and the Dark Arts, May only Good approach our hearts.

  • Personal

    Reopen MN

    This week I was happy to discover that I am not alone in my belief that it is time to slowly start reopening businesses. I can understand the May deadline but a plan needs to be in place and extending anything beyond the beginning of May and definitely anything past Memorial Weekend is asking for huge rebellions. One of the members of the group I found wrote this: At some point we must agree upon an acceptable level of risk with this thing. If not, we can no longer function as a society. The question is…what is that level? Is it the point at which no single person is at…

  • Doctor Who

    The Doctor’s Wife – Doctor Who Lockdown Tweetalong

    SO MUCH FUN!! The Doctor’s Wife is my all time favorite episode. So many goosebumps. So much of the history come to life in this one episode by Neil Gaiman. There were so many good Tweets, I can’t share them all.. but definitely check out #BiggerOnTheInside to read some of them yourself! And I DID hear the TARDIS (Idris) say “I love you” *happy dancin* "I love you" is there, as the last thing she says, a long way back in the mix… #BiggerOnTheInside — Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) April 11, 2020 Other great info shared during the Tweetalong Right. So there were several versions of the opening scene with the…