Today I saw yet another article about how devices are blamed for the demise of our youth.
Here is what I commented on the FB Share:

Except.. once again..
We are blaming tools for failure to properly raise children.
It’s not games, phones, TV, that is bringing about their demise, it is the parents who don’t have time for their children, parents who do not understand their children, parents who “remember when” but do not live in the now.… read more

According to two leading scientists, the human brain is, in fact, a ‘biological computer’ and the consciousness of people is a program run by the quantum computer located inside the brain that even continues to exist after we die.

As experts explain it; “after people die, their soul comes back to the universe, and it does not die.”

The debate about the existence of the soul and whether it is immortal or dies with the person is an endless story that for centuries has occupied the time of the great thinkers of universal history.… read more

Wibbly Wobbly
Timey Wimey

For some reason, I can’t seem to figure out where this originated….

But I seriously love it!!

A baby girl is mysteriously dropped off at an orphanage in Cleveland in 1945. “Jane” grows up lonely and dejected, not knowing who her parents are, until one day in 1963 she is strangely attracted to a drifter. She falls in love with him, but just when things are looking up for Jane a series of disasters strikes: First, she becomes pregnant by the drifter, who then disappears.… read more