• Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

11 signs you might be a feminist

I fought it.. I fought the definition tooth and nail.. the OLD definition.

Okay.. I’m now thinking i really AM a feminist…
because, now I think one can be a lady AND a feminist.
Yes, please. Still open doors for me, treat me like a lady, but NEVER EVER DOUBT that I am your EQUAL.
It’s all about EQUALITY.

Thank you, Liz Warren, for giving me a reason to revisit my understanding of the word.


1) You are a supporter of rights and equality for men and women.

2) You notice how gender roles are portrayed in the media.

3) You prefer to be recognized for your talents and not your looks.

4) You are highly offended when you are given specific tasks based on your gender.

5) You don’t see anything wrong with women who run their own households.

6) You often wonder why men are still being paid more than women in the workforce.

7) You are interested in advocacy and have strong opinions about issues that affect everyone.

8) You’ve thought about taking self-defense classes in order to protect yourself, including concealed carry classes.

9) You believe patriarchy is an unjust system that is oppressive to women.

10) The idea of getting married and having children in your teens or early 20’s is not desirable.

11) You enjoy movies and books with a strong female main character.

(adapted from mic.com)

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