Kevin Loric has arrived!

We survived premature labor, total bed rest, and other worrisome things, but now, thank the goddess, little Kevin has arrived safely!

During the past few months, I was unable to have any rituals, yet I always remembered each holiday and full moon. I may not have truly been able to celebrate, but I believe that the goddess understood my situation.… read more

Well, after Valentine’s Day, things got a little crazy.

My husband’s Mother needed to have surgery, and my husband was allowed to go back to the states on emergency leave. So, after a three month separation, I was re-united with my husband for two weeks. My Mother-In-Law survived the surgery, and is doing fine, thank you Goddess.

I feel that somehow, my desire to not be separated from my husband for the full 7 months while he was in Kosovo was acknowledged by the Goddess, and she provided an opportunity for us to be together right at the middle of his deployment.… read more

Tiz Valentine’s Day…

What a lonely day to be without my dear husband. I am comforted by this wonderful child within me, so even though my husband is far away, I have a part of him with me. What a wonderful feeling!

Imbolc was a very special evening for me. I had read somewhere about using white candles and white flowers to celebrate this holiday.… read more