School is keeping me really busy. We just finished Beowulf and a couple other stories from that time period, and on Tuesday my students will be taking their first test. It will be a completely essay test, but they are allowed to bring an outline. I do not know if they are stressing about it or not. I guess we will see how they do on Tuesday.… read more

First week of school, and I LOVE it! Things are going so well, it is amazing! I cannot believe how well it is going. (Does that mean something is going to go wrong later, *knock on wood* I hope not!!)

First day with one group of students was a toughie, but I called them in for a private meeting, assigned them some extra work – where they had to explain proper classroom behavior – and called their parents/guardians.… read more

I’m starting to get scared. What if I can’t really teach? What if the administration do not like how I teach? All kinds of crazy thoughts are running through my head. *sigh*

It’s just not fair. I love to teach, I know I usually do a good job, but now that school starts in three days I sadly start to doubt myself.… read more

Today I get to play at being a bitch.. :)
Okay, maybe it wasn’t ALL playing, but this dude came and disrupted one of the online groups I belong to, and he asked. (yes HE asked) if we would be happier and more comfortable if he left.

I jump in right away and say simply “yes”.
Well, he replied and said that that was one “vote” for him to leave.… read more