Spring Has Sprung!!!

Trees are beginning to sprout buds, animals are beginnig their mating rituals.
What an exciting time to be alive.

I performed a brief ceremony last night. To welcome the Goddess of Spring and to bid farewell to the God of Winter.

It was simple, but nice.
Currently I need to work on my attitude. Maybe it’s PMS, or maybe the stress of no money and no job is finally getting to me.… read more

A beautiful full moon tonight. I just finished my first “real” ritual in many many moons. I feel so good. I feel so fulfilled. I gazed at the moon, in Her beauty this evening. Magnificent.

Everything was just perfect (except the timing of the train… sucks sometimes living so near a train track! I just meditated till it left, then I backed up and redid some…)

It was wonderful tho, everything went smooth.… read more

My computer died last Wednesday. I’m not being neglectful,I’m just going through withdrawal. I have borrowed a laptop, but currently, I am unable to connect to the internet… *sigh*
Who knows when things will get back to normal….

Monday, my son was extremely fussy. I couldn’t understand it. He just finished taking his antibiotics, so I didn’t think it would be possible for him to be sick… It was awful, I didn’t know what to do… Finally, at the end of the day, I thought maybe something evil or negative had invaded my house, or maybe it was just getting stronger, because I did a house clearing and welcoming when we first moved in.… read more