Snow day Snow Day!! We are having a snow day… Actually, today is the second of TWO days off from school! Can you believe it?!?!?!

I am so happy. I got notice today that Pagan Speak still wants me. I was worried when they took so long to reply, but I got the message today that they still want me to be a part of their group!… read more

Today, I am going to vent.

Two students from my College Prep class came to see me after school.
They told me that I am expecting too much from them and that I should give them time in class to get their work done!! (ha! How college like is that? :)

We are reading Macbeth. I have created fairly good sized study guides to make them look at each scene in detail.… read more

Odds and ends.

Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s died this morning.

Tuesday January 8 1:35 PM ET Wendy’s Founder Dave Thomas Dies of Cancer

A young man found me using The Witches Voice

I look forward to conversations with him. He is in a lonely part of Kansas. heh, okay, so what part of Kansas isn’t lonely? Oh well. It is always nice to “meet” someone new.… read more