A Glorimendous Day – A personal perspective
by Kiersten Elaine

It started as a beautiful morning and progressed into a gorgeous day.

The pavilions stood proud against the clear blue sky while the flags danced softly in the breeze.

The crowds started showing up shortly before 11 and the first battle began at noon. After the first rounds were over, the battle upon horses began.… read more

Chivalry Beyond September 11th
By Scott Farrell
(c)2002 Shining Armor Enterprises
Chivalry Today

The attacks of September 11th quite naturally caused people to question their core values and beliefs. On this day, chivalry was put to the test. Now, one year later, we pause to reflect on what has arisen from the ashes of that terrible day.

We learned some unpleasant lessons on September 11th.… read more

Last night I performed the first ritual in a long time. (Déjà vu’ right?)

It seems that I keep making come backs… or something… ;) I know, I should stop with the clichés but they can be such fun!!!

Oh well.

It was nothing important or special. Rather like last time, it was a ritual of thanks and cleansing where I called the corners in the bathroom and took a nice, long, hot bath.… read more