I can’t concentrate.
Something feels “wrong” somewhere. I don’t know if it is PMS or something real. I hate this feeling. I got homework to do. I have no way to concentrate. Even tried smoking. That didn’t help. Shaky, tired, yet not tired, worried, but no idea about what. And my head hurts. (Prally the PMS). Anxiety attack? Perhaps. Still upset about my bio mom leaving before my son and I got to see her, yes, perhaps a lot is from that..… read more

Things with my boyfriend are going to be okay. Not wonderful, not great, not perfect, but okay.

She and I had it out, on Monday. Yes, it got ugly. And I got the last word. Do I feel happy about that? Yes and no. I didn’t want the argument to end as quickly as it did.
Basically, I told her like it is, and she got upset and called my boyfriend… LOL Little did she know I was standing right next to him when she called.… read more