Things with my boyfriend are going to be okay. Not wonderful, not great, not perfect, but okay.

She and I had it out, on Monday. Yes, it got ugly. And I got the last word. Do I feel happy about that? Yes and no. I didn’t want the argument to end as quickly as it did.
Basically, I told her like it is, and she got upset and called my boyfriend… LOL Little did she know I was standing right next to him when she called.… read more

It has been an interesting time since I last left a message here…

I have been a bitch.
But then, I’ve always been good at that.

I’ve gotten reacquainted with an old friend…

Beautiful Poetry written by Richard….

It seems that I have a bad habit of affecting people’s lives. Or just sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong.

I never learn.… read more