Hidden Treasure
Finding Another Vantage Point

The ocean can look very different, depending on whether you are standing at the shore, soaring above in a plane, or swimming beneath its waves. Likewise, a mountain can look very different relative to where you are standing. Each living thing sees the world from its unique vantage point. While from your window you may be seeing what looks like a huge shrub, a bird in its nest is getting an intimate view of that tree’s leafy interior.read more

This is a response I wrote to a friend…

But if you are unable to give up Grant, doesn’t that mean you are addicted to him?

You will start thinking about him regularly, impatient to see him, excited to tell him about your day, and there you will be, stuck. You need to date, meet new people, go to meetups, join a book club, in addition to seeing him.… read more