Day 30 – A letter to myself, tell me EVERYTHING I love about myself

Dear Kris, aka Em,

There’s so much I want to say!! I guess I gotta start somewhere….

I love how happy you are. I love that your smile is infectious and you can make (nearly) everyone smile along with you. It gladdens my heart when a day is brightened by something as simple as a smile.… read more

Day 29 – Something I hope to change about myself and why.

What do I hope to change about myself.

I’m seeking higher vibrations.
I’m seeking to release all negativity.
I’m seeking knowledge, wisdom and understanding (and I always will)

And I need to learn to feel the anger and then LET GO.
I think I’m getting better, but only those who know me know for sure.… read more

Past Life

This is a 14 card spread talks about how your past life has meshed with current life.


  1. Basic soul nature coming into this past life.
  2. Environment.
  3. Early years.
  4. Education.
  5. Accomplishments.
  6. Occupation.
  7. Social status.
  8. Relationships.
  9. Family life.
  10. Death.
  11. Lessons learned during this past life #1.
  12. Lessons learned during this past life #2.
  13. How this past life affects querent’s current life #1.
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