Circle Cemetery
America’s First National Pagan Burial Ground
Preserving Nature & Greening the End of Life
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Circle Cemetery Makes History

On June 16, 2010, Circle Cemetery became America’s first National Pagan natural burial ground and the first contemporary Green cemetery to be platted and recorded in Wisconsin.

Memorial for Marion Weinstein

Circle Cemetery is a 20 acre site located at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve, a 200 acre Pagan Nature sanctuary established in 1983 and located near Barneveld, Wisconsin.… read more

My Welcoming to Kali Ritual


[Facing East]
In the East I call Ushas, Goddess of the Dawn, to begin this new cycle and help us see through our illusions and seek the truth.

[Facing South]
In the South I call Parvati, to bring us the fires of purification so we may be cleansed.

[Facing West]
In the West I invoke Durga, to teach us to look into the dark places in our beings so that we may not be more

“Hate to burst the big ol’ Law of Attraction bubble, but it just can’t be. And, there are other kinds of magic besides the kind that attracts. There is repelling magic such as banishment and impelling magic such as bindings. What about those? I’m not attracting a person by sending them away from me?”

Fire Lyte, I love your blog!… read more