You may find yourself defending your position vigorously today, which could be because of feelings of righteousness. Being uncompromising rarely brings peace to a situation and keeps us from understanding fully what all sides have to offer. You can see how inflexibility can be a problem by looking at trees during a storm: Those that cannot sway are broken. Though we have the power to create our experience with our thoughts, we are still cocreators with a universe that knows far more than we do.… read more

At 1900 on 10-9-10, my Mom, the best Mom I ever had, left her earthly body to begin her new journey.

As Mom passed, she was lying in the loving arms of her daughter, Lisa, who is my only and true sister and surrounded by other members of her immediate family, including the man who loved her and cared for her for oh so …many years.… read more

I just received word that the woman, my ex-mother-in-law, my Mom, the only Mom I ever really had is dying.

It is time, I know it is time for her to let go. She’s been so tired for so long. It’s time.

But I’m not ready!! LOL and *cries* And that is selfish, I know.

She always promised me, that when she left this earthly world, she would come see me.… read more

Magick is waking up and finding you swimming in a glistening drop of dew. And then stepping out onto a golden ray of sunshine.

Magick is flying on the back of a honey bee and discussing the art of aromatherapy.

Magick is learning from a butterfly the thrill of beginning a new life.

Magick is sitting on a tree limb with a large black crow and joining him as he laughs at the follies of the world.… read more