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Jan 1, 2013 #DT, #hubby, #job, #life, #son, #work

Quitting smoking, again.
DT is gone, the evil project manager from hell.
Washer and Drier replaced.
Hubby is switching to e-cigs.

Yeah, think I can do this! My son is thrilled!

Oh? DT gone? I didn’t mention that? Shame on me.
Yeah. He left back in August. It wasn’t “official” till much later and still prally shouldn’t say much… but, although he was a nice person (to me anyway, I saw a crueller side to him with another co-worker), he sucked as a programming project manager. He didn’t understand anything and everything had to be repeated to him 3,4 sometimes 10 times! He was a delegator, but with this job, the buck stopped with him and that rather stressed him out… either way, I wish him the best and a job better suited to his abilities.

Shower died. Couldn’t turn up the heat so cold showers were happening and really REALLY sucked. I found a plumber thanks to SP and a call, a visit, and a quote later, we had a deal and the new shower was being installed. They didn’t do drywall, tho, so we had to do that ourselves. Got the basics done immediately, but the rest, the mudding, the painting, and ultimately the tiling had to wait…. in fact, the tiling still isn’t complete. But we can take hot showers now!! (And baths, which reminds me, I still haven’t had one of those..)

Then the washer died. Knew it was happening, was hoping it would hold out, but it just wasn’t spinning. The drier wasn’t doing well either. It had a squeal. *sigh*

Laundry mat was the only option from Halloween until Christmas. I had a two hour panic attack and my attempt to stop smoking for the Celtic New year was a failure. Wondeful hubby ordered the washer and drier before Christmas and they were delivered the day after Christmas.

At that point, I figured quitting smoking would make a great new years resolution. I didn’t smoke when I went to my parents and haven’t had my menthol since then either (a puff and it was like YUCK). I’ve shared smokes with hubby since then, but we shared the last one on New Year’s eve at 11:30 pm. It has now been 24 hours!! Yay me!! LOL
Did I mention that I’m so proud of hubby for switching to e-cigs too!


One huge thing it’s got going for it is no well-known, ancient doomsday prophecies. *grin*
We’ll continue to survive if we take care of Mother Earth and each other and trust our instincts.

2013. I WILL blog about Heartland. Sucks that I missed blogging it this year. (Needed info, got lazy, what can I say, BAAAAD Krissy). Should be even better, we’ll be bringing a virgin this year, my daughter Corkyy will come with us! She’s gonna have a blast. Next year, my son will come. He’ll be “of age” and I won’t have to be with him all the time, so he can do his own thing(s).

My son becomes a teenager. 13 in June. OMFG. (Yup a Y2k baby. He is elite!)

Doctor Who reaches it’s 50th anniversary in November. It’s gonna be awesome. (At least it better be. It better have Captain Jack and at some point, there better be a teary farewell tribute to Sarah Jane Smith.)

Yeah, it’s gonna be a great year. I’m looking forward to new synchronicities, new friends, new experiences, and more awakenings. It’s magical.

What are you looking forward to in 2013?


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