So, there I was… minding my own business.. perusing Facebook… watching some Doctor Who (seriously, what did you expect) and I found this quiz.. Quizes are fun..  This title (and link) is:

This 5 Minute Test Will Reveal Your Innermost Thoughts

Now.. I will share
my results…
starting with the question and then an image representing the first thing (I guarantee you) that popped into my head for each one.… read more

Turn your “I can’t” into an “I can”

I “can’t” quit my job, I “can’t” leave my abusive spouse, I “can’t” tell my kids no, I “can’t” manage money, I “can’t” tell my toxic friend to stop calling… most of us have used that phrase at one time or another. cant

At its root, “I can’t” is basically a cop-out; it’s an excuse we use to avoid looking directly at – and speaking – the truth: I can’t quit my job because I can’t find anything better, I can’t tell my friend to stop texting or calling because they won’t listen or whatever the issue may be.… read more

No matter how great he is, no matter if suddenly he changed his opinion and become a straight-laced republican, no matter WHAT his stand is on any subject.

And dammit, I’ll say it now, if he makes it thru the primaries and becomes the Democratic candidate, I will vote for him..

even tho I think he’d make a great president
even tho I think he’d do things better than some of the others..… read more

A profound sketch of a woman giving her all to someone who has nothing to offer her back. The transfer of energy is real. If you are constantly surrounded by, interacting with, having intercourse with, pouring your feelings into an empty person, they are going to suck you completely dry. Know your worth. You cannot continually do the same thing and expect change.… read more