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24 hours and everything changes

Oct 26, 2003 #ex, #fenris, #fire

Isn’t it interesting how things can change in less than 24 hours.
My old friend, that I was whining about yesterday, Omar spent the last hour chatting with me via yahoo!! ;)
I am so happy! I was so worried.. it just turns out that he has been really busy and is getting ready to find another apartment. I guess the owner of his current one is selling it out from under him. Really messed up if you ask me.

currently, my boyfriend is on the phone with this female, that I talked about Yesterday. Theoretically telling her that he cannot meet with her, at least not on her terms. I did email her husband last night saying how rude she was, and how in the world can he handle their “friendship”. He has not written me back. Either way, I was almost to the point of telling my boyfriend that he needed to chose, her friendship or me. I didn’t get to that point, but I did tell him I was getting nearer.

To curb my frustrations, last night, because my boyfriend had tried to call last night, but was unsuccessful, I did light a fire in the firepit and spent a good few hours out there just not thinking and watching the flames. I love watching fire… ;)

And today, the 26th, is a sort of Anniversary for him and I. Another reason to be really upset about him making plans with another female. Okay, not making plans, but not telling her no. She gave him no choice. Told him to MAKE time for her, because she NEEDED to talk to him. Fucking bullshit. She needs to rely on her husband for that… not my boyfriend. If she has that much control over him to make him drop everything for her, where will it stop?
Hopefully it has stopped here. Hopefully he is telling her like it is. Hopefully, he is telling her what he tells me, that there is nothing between the two of them but friendship and she needs to grow up and be the responsible wife and mother type. Not someone who goes running to another man every time there is trouble. No, she really needs to get a life. And get the hell out of mine.
Or like I told my BF, get me the hell out of his, because this is not in the job description and I am not prepared to deal with it. Not with my history. Perhaps not ever.

Course, we don’t know how the conversation is going. Perhaps she is managing to twist him around her little finger and convince him that she still needs to come. She must see him. She must have his love, his caring and his ear. She must fucking grow up. Damnit. Can you tell I am a little irratated still?
I just wanna know how the phone conversation is going…. but I’m gonna be a good girl and not eavesdrop. It’s tempting, but I’m not going to. This time. *eg*

More later or soon….

Blessed Be!


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