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4 of Wands reversed

Feb 20, 2012

I guess I needed this reminder.
I did. :)

Four of Wands (R) – Try not to be so impatient and narrow-minded. If you wish your aspirations to become attainments, they need to be accompanied by will-power and a concentrated focus on your goals. Be thankful for your blessings. You will always see positive improvement – even from a negative situation if you will just keep trying. If you care – be willing to show it and be thankful for what you have. Take your mind off the so-called “big” things and learn to appreciate the things that really matter. Joy is so powerful it can not be blocked – but stress and problems can “cloud” it so that it is not so obvious. This creates a need to learn to appreciate what you have. Happiness in your environment can be strong, while still considered unorthodox in terms of other people’s attitudes and expectations.

A lack of pause, of respect and of understanding in correct measure for your status/progress, for you are too caught up in the physical, emotional, mental aspects of the moment. Not properly observing, celebrating, giving thanks. An inadequate performance, according to the responsibilities of your spiritual position. Inadequate/improper use of spiritual position and/or knowledge. Spiritual complacency, selfishness, vanity, greed.

Questions to Answer: What are you bringing to completion? What role is ritual or ceremony playing in your life? What have you integrated into your life? What Rite of Passage are you experiencing and how are you celebrating it? What are you celebrating?




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