• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

A most miraculous and beautiful message — From Dad

Today I received a message from my Dad, through someone I love dearly.

And it was beautiful. Yes. I cried.

Dad is currently watching over his brother with his own Dad and Mom. This was “seen”.
(My Mom has moved on, as I had known from a dream that hubby had, this has now been confirmed.)

Dad is young again, 25ish. His spirit is bathed in bright white light, shining, glowing, full of love, joy and happiness, from all the good he did upon this earth. He is rewarded now, as I knew he would be and his light shines so brightly. He did so many good things in his life and he continues to share his goodness spiritually. I don’t even remember all the words that were described to me about how beautiful his light shined and how bright and powerful and “there” he was when this happened.

He had a message for me.

He wants me to be happy and to forgive the man who killed them while driving drunk.

He want me to let go of the past and enjoy and live in the now and for the future.

The vision he sent was that of a Volkswagen bug. It was blue with red doors and a white trim and it had the number 71 on the side. The word “huggles” was coming out of the exhaust pipe. (LOL! Dad, you’re silly and I love you.)
Ocho, but Ocho was 53, not 71.. however, my brother was born in 71. Also, my dad called my son “Bug” … So there’s that too. Technically, The Love Bug came out one month before I was born and adopted by Dad and Mom.
The blue and red, you ask?
Well, that’s so totally Dad’s sense of humor.
KU colors of course!! *gigglesnort* He always teased and made jokes about me and Drew going to KSU like Mom instead of KU like him.
Anyway, Dad and I loved the Love Bug and all the sequels so his message wasn’t just for me, but for Drew (71), Kevin (Bug) and Me (the whole  kit and caboodle )

I needed this so badly.

Okay, Dad, I will work on forgiving the Runions asshole. Just for you. (and, because you said so, for me too)

I love you, Daddy.

(Sadly, there is no streaming service offering any of these for free or I’d be watching RIGHT NOW)


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