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A rant

Aug 16, 2007

(Where the hell did this come from? I thought I was doing better.. *sigh* I guess I still hold some anger.. damn)

Oh, I’m not saying anything to her face…

I just wonder what she will do. I am kinda surprised that she hasn’t moved in with her dad already.. *grin*

I’ll bet you anything, the only reason her electricity is on is because she has a child on a monitor. She’s gonna lose the house unless she can come up with a lot of money. She lost her nice van (I’ll bet you anything that there was nothing wrong with it). She’s burning bridges with those who were her friends, and the only one’s left are one’s who can’t help her except with playing her pity party. She’s screwed. And honestly, she has done it to herself.

Since last summer, she has bought.

2 New computers. 1 Laptop. That nice van. An entertainment center. Lots of cutesy stuff for Dessa’s room (which is great, but moderation.. this lady has never heard of moderation..) a loveseat – recliner set and who knows what else.

Her house has never finished being built. Trim has not been put in in all rooms. There is drywall visable in nearly every room of her house. The basement is half-started and no where near completion. The yard right now is “white trash” — no grass, etc. it looks worse than your parents back field.

There is a bag of trash next to the steps that I’m pretty certain was there before my ex went to school last YEAR (not this summer but last year) and it could have been there even longer than that. She has wild cats living all over the place. Lizards and frogs. Probably snakes, but I never saw any. I’m surprised that she hasn’t been threatened by some housing developers because her land must bring the costs of the other locations down a lot because no one would want to look at that mess.

She, for 4 years, totally destroyed any friendship that my ex and I could have had, for my son’s sake. She lied, she twisted truths, and basically made him HATE me when I wasn’t the one causing the problems. (Okay, the my son being forced to call Tracy MOM was an issue.. but .. hey.)

So don’t talk to me about Stress. She was warned not to get pregnant. She had to rape my ex to have these babies. He still does not remember having sex with her at the supposed time of conception. He was drinking heavily and you know what he was like … he could sleep through sex (and it is Tracy after all) and never know it happened because his body could perform without him.

So. I pity her. But she brought this onto her self. She was warned. She has a brain, but she doesn’t use it. She has spent money foolishly and continues to do so. She’s getting what she deserves.

I’m going to “let her be” to her face… for the moment. (Unless asked. Ya know, if it comes up, whatever can be said behind her back can also be said to her face). But honestly, I’m still bitter enough that part of me says it’s about damn time that what goes around comes around. Let her life be destroyed by the same person who destroyed mine. Herself.

Damn. Where did that come from..



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