• Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

A weekend with …

Well, it certainly was an interesting weekend.

My ex is deploying to Iraq. He went to tell his Mom. I offered to drive. (I haven’t seen her in quite a few months and I still and always will love her dearly).

So, I experienced a road trip with my ex, his daughter and our son.

It actually went well!! :) We did get a lot of that “why aren’t you two getting back together?” When we were in the same room together, neither of us answered. I don’t know if anyone said anything to him when we weren’t there at the same time… Mom said he didn’t say anything at all to her when she asked him that… I find that rather… unusual…

But we got along just fine… we didn’t talk about “us” or anything. We talked about his military stuff and we talked about the kids…

I brought my laptop… and he did find a Cemetary pix that I thought I’d “hidden” .. *sigh* He actually made me blush by mentioning it at his Mom’s house. Of course I refused to tell her what we were talking about and he just sat there and laughed..

*shrug* of course he’s realized I’ve changed.. I mean, I’m going to a pagan fest (YEAH! I’m going to Heartland Pagan Fest!! Thank you Ron!!! :) and I told my ex that I’d have no problem taking my son.. except for the fact that it’s clothing optional and I don’t need that getting back to … people who would frown upon that. Maybe if I’d been taking him all along it’d be different, but now I’d feel weird. (and no, I don’t run around nakie… although I did dance around the fire topless last summer.. Prally will do that again.. but it’s at night and most everyone is drunk…)

Anyway, I digress. We have both changed. I’m not sure what he thinks of me and how I’ve changed.. and we don’t really discuss it.. but it is these changes that now and forever will keep us apart. But I am so glad to have my old friend back. :)

It was a damn good weekend.


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