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A world designed for empaths

Oct 15, 2013

What would the world look like if it were designed for empaths? What would be different, how would you design it (with abundant funds, resources- as the creator) and why are the elements you wish to include important to empath living? ~ Jewel Dawn

My original response:

Empath Utopia
Nature Pictures by ForestWander Nature Photography

Everything would be earth friendly and recyclable. There would be no plants that poison us, there would be no chemicals in foods.

There would be safe havens for people to gather but it would always be socially acceptable for me time, alone time, recharge time.

No one would be judged. People would communicate telepathically so there would be no misunderstandings because words just never really express the true meanings.

There would be balance.
There would be room for vegetarians and for meat-eaters, but animals would have to be hunted because they would be wild and all parts of the animal would be used, there would be no waste.

We would have community gardens where everyone would share in the labor in order to reap the rewards.

I always like the idea, it takes a village to raise a child, but that doesn’t mean there would be free baby sitters.

Children would learn about being an empath from birth and they would be taught about their gift and learn to love it from day one.

There would be no pain, hunger, suffering because all people would FEEL it too.

It would be utopia.


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